Fantasy Football 2015: Nine Bold Fantasy Football Predictions For ’15

Karlos Williams has climbed to No. 2 on the Bills running back depth chart. I see him climbing further before the year is over. (James P. McCoy/Buffalo News)
Karlos Williams has climbed to No. 2 on the Bills running back depth chart. I see him climbing further before the year is over. (James P. McCoy/Buffalo News)

Wanna know how to be bold in fantasy football? Pick a name or names you really like for the season and predict that player to reach heights only you believe imaginable. Boldly predict that their success isn’t solely predicated on another man’s failure, but on talent that can’t be suppressed by veterans or newcomers.

Boldly predicting a player’s success doesn’t have to be outrageous, just based on belief in your skills. So what I’ve done is compiled a list of nine predictions that aren’t just bold, but based in a belief that it WILL happen. Lets get to it.

1. Stevie Johnson Will Be A Top-25 Wide Receiver 

Remember when Stevie Johnson was a 1,000-yard receiver annually in Buffalo? Chances are you don’t and neither do any of your friends. Word of advice: Johnson is still in his prime and playing with the best Quarterback (Rivers) he’s ever had in his career. 1,000-yards and 7 touchdowns are attainable for an undervalued vet.

2. Sam Bradford Will Be A Top-5 Quarterback

I remember when Sam Bradford was drafted out of Oklahoma and thinking the Rams finally had that young Quarterback of the future they needed. Injuries have cost him big time. Now, seemingly healthy and under center in a Chip Kelly offense, I’m all-in on Bradford again.

3. Ronnie Hillman (Not C.J. Anderson) Will Be The Back To Own In Denver

I have NOTHING against C.J. Anderson. Let me repeat, I have NOTHING against C.J. Anderson. Ronnie Hillman is just a better overall player than Anderson is. When he gets his opportunity (and he will) those patient owners will be rewarded with a breakout running back. But remember, I have NOTHING against C.J. Anderson.

4. Darren McFadden Will Be A Top-20 Running Back In Fantasy Football

Perhaps my boldest prediction of all, I couldn’t have been the only person who saw McFadden’s first preseason game and thought “holy crap, where has this guy been buried?” Joseph Randle has never grabbed my full attention enough and I think there is a reason: McFadden is going to outperform him in 2015.

5. 2015 Will Be The Year Of The Rookie Running Backs

The last two years have spoiled fantasy owners at the wide receiver position. Odell Beckham, Jr., Jordan Matthews, Brandin Cooks, etc. have led us all to ask “what’s next” from rookie receivers. Well not in 2015. Amari Cooper will be good and I believe DeVante Parker will as well. After that, you may have missed what will be the return of the rookie running back. Todd Gurley, T.J. Yeldon, Matt Jones, Tevin Coleman, and Ameer Abdullah are a few names I expect to lead that charge.

6. Crockett Gillmore Will Be A Top-10 Tight End

I can hear it already, the collective “Who?!” among the crowd. Trust me, by November you will know who Crockett Gillmore is.

7.  Joique Bell Will, Once Again, Be A Top-15 to Top-20 Running Back

I wonder when we’re all going to stop burying Joique Bell? Maybe when we all stop doing the same thing to Frank Gore? Either way, Bell has averaged 1,000+ yards from scrimmage and six total touchdowns for the last three years. He’s the number one back in Detroit despite injury and Abdullah (who will also get his opportunities). He’s not the sexiest pick, but he’s reliable.

8. The Seattle Seahawks Will Finish Outside Of The Top-4 D/ST

I’ve seen the Seahawks go as high as the fourth (fourth!) round in drafts. Besides that craziness, I don’t think Seattle finishes where we’ve grown accustom the last three years. Kam Chancellor’s holdout and injuries have become small kinks in the machine that is Seattle’s defense.

9. Karlos Williams (Rookie, Buffalo Bills) Will Have 900 Total Yards and Six Touchdowns

Lesean McCoy has been all over the news this offseason. Sometimes for bad reasons and sometimes for really bad reasons. Meanwhile, Williams has been slowly making quite an impression on coaches and players in Buffalo. He’s exactly the kind of runner Rex Ryan likes, which is a recipe for production in fantasy football.

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