My Quarter-Season Major League Baseball All-Star Team 2012

We’re just past 40 games in this 2012 season and we’re gonna take a look at my All-Stars to this point.

Disclaimer:You won’t find any Red Sox on this team Continue reading “My Quarter-Season Major League Baseball All-Star Team 2012”

Baltimore Orioles Continue To Put Baseball On Notice

I’ve tried to convince myself it wasn’t real.

I will be the first to admit, I was adamantly against this Orioles team and with good reason. In fact here was my assessment of this ball club in my preseason predictions: Continue reading “Baltimore Orioles Continue To Put Baseball On Notice”

MLB 2012: Week One Power Rankings

Week one of my weekly power rankings. After the first week we see some teams (Rays, Cardinals and Tigers) are better than even we could advertise. While others (Yankees, Braves and Red Sox) need to get it together quickly. I’ll have to try and figure out when the last time those three franchises were swept the first three games of the season at the same time. I’m also fully prepared for the backlash from Orioles fans.¬† Continue reading “MLB 2012: Week One Power Rankings”

MLB 2012 Preview: Baltimore Orioles Searching For An Identity

“It’s just throwing and catching and hitting and running. What’s simpler then that?” -Paul Richards, Baltimore Orioles Manager (1955-1961)

In the Beltway (Washington D.C./Baltimore etc.) area, baseball means lot more than people may realize.

The ¬†capital didn’t get a baseball team because of a hunch by the league when the Expos were searching for a new home. They got a team because someone recognized the untapped potential of that market. A market left dormant, since 1997 by a franchise that once epitomized how things were done in baseball. Continue reading “MLB 2012 Preview: Baltimore Orioles Searching For An Identity”