Fantasy Football 2015: Thursday Night Audibles For Seahawks Vs. 49ers

We haven't seen "Beast Mode" yet in 2015, but I have a feeling we're close. (Photo: The Seattle Times)
We haven’t seen “Beast Mode” yet in 2015, but I have a feeling we’re close. (Photo: The Seattle Times)

I remember a time not very long ago when this game had a lot more Fantasy star power.

One of the more underrated rivalries now, not long ago before the San Francisco player exodus, NFC Championship conversation began and ended in the Pacific Northwest with these two teams.

Not so much, now.

This game’s only implication as far as week 7 is concerned is who stays out of the NFC West basement. For fantasy teams, there aren’t a lot of audibles in this game unless you’re in deeper leagues.

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson, QB

Poor offensive line aside, it’s been (quietly) business as usual for Wilson statistically. Against the 49ers he should have quite a few opportunities to pick apart San Francisco’s secondary. When he scrambles it’s with a purpose: to gain as many yards in the air or downfield as possible. That’s a lesson most running Quarterbacks don’t grasp. It’s one that gives fantasy owners high upside weekly.

Marshawn Lynch, RB

San Francisco’s defensive line isn’t a pushover, and you can bet they’ll be even more excited to face the Seahawks on Thursday night. Lynch hasn’t looked the same as years prior but remember this: he averages almost 90 yards and a touchdown against the 49ers for his career.

Seahawks, D/ST

They’re mad, its prime time, and nothing would please this defense more than embarrassing their division rival on a National stage. The key will be stopping the run early; if they do that and this game gets put in the hands of Kaepernick it’s going to be a long night.

San Francisco 49ers

Colin Kaepernick, QB

How the mighty fall. I’m not naive, I know my prior feelings on Kaepernick and I own them. I still believe he is one of the most gifted Quarterbacks in the NFL. Right now he looks terrible, which means I’m avoiding him at all costs. Now isn’t the time in the season to get cute with your fantasy roster.

Carlos Hyde, RB

Nursing an injury and entering what’s sure to be one of the more physical games of the year isn’t an ideal situation for Hyde. It’s a risky call, but another option might benefit fantasy owners better than any the 49ers have in their backfield.

Torrey Smith, WR

Never been a big fan of Torrey Smith the fantasy receiver OR the NFL player but, again, another 49er I’m benching. Especially against the Seahawks secondary.

And now for my favorite Marshawn Lynch .gif of all time:

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